the New Yorker food issue-mosca's: new orleans, louisiana

This week's New Yorker features a piece on Mosca's, a family-style family-owned Italian American restaurant in a small white house off the Mississippi River, in the part of New Orleans you've never been to or heard about.

This place is a must see, if just for the chance to step back in time, not to mention the cultural caché you'll get for visiting. It's so cool that even Gwyneth Paltrow claims to go there.  I fell under its spell when I covered the back of the house for a piece in Edible New Orleans. Mary Jo Mosca is in the back, cooking up Chicken a la Grande to serve on huge platters. Vivianne is dressing salads. And daughter Lisa is hanging around while she looks for something to do with her Master's degree from Tulane.

Aupa for some big city recognition of this local gem.