BasqueStage. DreamJob.

So, as of late I have been extremely busy, and not just because my pareja has been kidnapped by musicians and I'm playing single mom for the 5th week now.  I've been working with a program out of the Basque Country called Sammic BasqueStage.  It's the most incredible that I would definitely take if I weren't in a different phase of life right now: six months' stage in Restaurant Martín Berasategui, compensated handsomely, to the tune of 500 euros per month, with a sweet apartment and plane travel paid for.

YOU CAN STILL APPLY...until April 15, which is this Friday. Short notice, but totally doable and worth it. So get to the website, pronto!

And apart from the money, you get to enjoy the best of the food the Basque Country has to offer, both in the restaurant and on your own time. PLUS you have an automatic platform to blog, the chance to build a portfolio of cooking videos, and those kind of things that are actually quite valuable.

And you get to hang out with Chef Martín, who is the life of the fiesta.

It's been great working with Athena Thickstun and Tracy Chang, showing them around the countryside and watching them explore and discover the cuisine I love so much.

Another perk of the job is watching/helping them create their own dishes. Then eating them all up. I've been impressed with some of the plates they've created: above is Tracy's spin on torrijas, with distinctive asian touches. Then there was the txakoli gelee, which I loved for sheer aesthetic.

Sous vide kokotxas...a modern spin on the classic kokotxas al pil pil. Complete with garlic chips, chive gelee, and cayenne pepper oil.

I feel lucky to have been part of an amazing experience, and to watch two chefs evolve under my very own eyes.

Plus, we are having a pretty good time. How can you NOT with these guys?