narru's back!

Last year, I reported on the closing of Narru, one of San Sebastián's most celebrated pintxo bar/restaurants. Located a few blocks from my apartment, in the neighborhood of Gros, it was a place for locals, for "adventurous" food-loving tourists, and a place for pure eating.

Chef Iñigo Pena was chosen as one of the top 10 best young chefs in Europe by the Wall Street Journal. It was obvious that he wouldn't be stopped by high rent, inconvenient location, or whatever else it was that put an end to Narru:Gros.  But what wasn't obvious was where he would resurface.

Well...he and his crew have. This week, the new Narru opened, right on the promenade of our largest beach, La Concha. The curious? It's not near anything...not nestled in the old part, not waiting to be discovered in Gros, it's just sitting in the middle of nowhere, on the bottom floor of Hotel Niza, right in front of the town's cheesiest disco. Will people make the "trek" to the new Narru? All signs point to...maybe. It's a beautiful (and short) walk, after all. I would make two bets: 1)the makeup of the clientele will shift (from the heart of Gros to a stone's throw from Hotel Londres is quite a change) and 2)the food will be JUST AS DELICIOUS.

Stay tuned...I'll be checking out the state of things pronto.