ADIOS Pintxo Asteartea...365 Tuesdays

So, it's a new year and time for a fresh start. As it came to do one of the first Tapa Tuesdays, I realized that I was ready for a bit of a change. Something new.

So it occured to me to share with you all a recommendation that is not always a pintxo. To share something that is part of San Sebastián's general deliciousness. So from here on out I will be re-publishing, in English, my contributions to the 365cities project for you, the readers of my blog.  I hope you enjoy! Please comment below if you feel angry or betrayed. Now down to business:

This year, a lot of honey has been produced on the banks of the Urumea. So much that, for the first time, it's on sale at the azoka, the market in Gros. The honey is artesan, and before it was destined solely for the tables of the family from Martutene. The honey is made from bees that feast on kiwi and borrage flowers and is incredible. Fragrant.

Fruitu azoka (Mercado de frutas)
Plaza Nafarroa, Gros. Donostia