365 Cities

What if, when you went to go visit a city, you had your best friend who was a resident of that city tell you each thing to order at each of her favorite places?

And what if she sat you down and showed you pictures she had taken, just to doubly convince of their awesomeness? Well, that is actually a thing, thanks to the La Salsera. Using their charm and wile, they have convinced residents-in-the-know of three of the best cities in Spain (and Bilbao ;) to give it up everyday on a photoblog.

It's part of the 365cities project, and I'm the guide in San Sebastián for Fridays! So tune in every Friday (aka tomorrow) for one of my secrets, bared for all to see, along with what should be a fairly lovely photo.

This project mols, so don't miss it...