De France : Random #7

Oysters from the cool, fresh waters of France. Deep in the neighborhood of Gros, a simple storefront. Inside, it stinks of good cheese. Good AOC, high-quality French cheese. Conserves of black cherry and white tuna line the walls.

This random picture selection thing REALLY doesn't seem to be that random, seeing as I "refound" this store last week. The lovely cheesemonger behind the counter directed me to some delicious Brie, squealed with glee along with me as we spoke about creme fraiche, and co-lamented the total misunderstando of the term 'queso fresco' in Basque Country.

Photo #2,265 of 11,269 photos. Randomly selecting one every day this month for  a little thing called National Blog Post Month.  See what memories it conjures up of my life here in San Sebastián.