Menu del Día : Random #6

Salad of marinated wild fowl. Not much to speak of, other than what it represents, which is the incredible tradition that lives on here of eating three or four courses over one or two hours for your weekday, workday lunch. How do they do it? On so many levels. It's a beautiful thing to see relatively fit young and old men and women eating a first course, second course, and dessert with bread in one hand and without batting an eye. And then going back to work. There's got to be a lesson somewhere in here to learn.

Another phenomenon: in these cases, the coffee after the meal does not actually keep you awake, it serves to counteract the sleep induced by wine and three courses. So have two!

Photo #9,978 of 11,269 photos. Randomly selecting one every day this month for  a little thing called National Blog Post Month.  See what memories it conjures up of my life here in San Sebastián.