Unforgettable Friends : Random #5

Two pictures, you say? Yes. Long story, computer crashed, only thumbnails saved, back up your data, people.

There's a beach exactly four blocks from my house, called Zurriola. What some tourists to San Sebastián may not realize is each beach of the city has its own personality. Actually, they probably don't realize there are three beaches. La Concha is the most famous, and it's haunted by tourists and teens. Ondarreta is full of families, and Zurriola, our beach, is the cool one reserved for surfers.  That's where this pic was taken.

Stephanie, with my baby Buckley, nearly two years ago. Stephanie was here for one year before she left to pursue a 'real' job back in the States. And while we don't talk as often as I'd like, so many things never fail to remind me of her.  Who could forget our nights in the bingo hall? Our freezing dips in the Cantabrian ocean? That picnic? Love you, Stephanie.

Photo #6,563-4 of 11,269 photos. Randomly selecting one every day this month for  a little thing called National Blog Post Month.  See what memories it conjures up of my life here in San Sebastián.