Now Open: Zumos Good Juice

Hot off the presses doesn't really describe Zumos Good Juice, the latest addition to San Sebastián's La Concha beach. Cold and straight from the juicer is more accurate.  The same folks that brought you La Madame have taken on the responsibility of providing Donosti with exciting, fresh-squeezed juices all summer long.

Order a coconut water (hangover cure?) and watch them take a gigantic knife to fresh young coconuts brought from Africa. I'm thinking the coconut with black straw sticking out of it will be the hottest accessory on the promenade of La Concha this summer.

If you want something with more flavor, there's several juices to choose from, including my favorite, the Diosa Verde (Green Goddess): mango, green apple, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon and pineapple.

Looks like this summer we'll have good juice and good bread. Do I hear a Mexican restaurant? Anyone??

hours: 12-8, closed on Tuesdays and when weather does not permit