Pop-Up Vermutería

The other day, I mentioned a new side project, the International Society for the Preservation and Enjoyment of Vermut.  Yesterday, we presented to the world what may have been the first-ever pop-up vermutería.

We sprang up as part of the vintage market in the Hotel Londres, and wasted no time in pouring a lot of vermouths for all the attendees.

And the protagonist of the event was an artisan vermouth from Madrid, Vermut Zecchini. Spiced and a nice balance of bitter and sweet, this vermouth was the perfect base for the three marionitos we served.

One was a classic, featuring Bob's orange bittters. Another we made with some grapefruit shrub I made. The third option was doused with a couple drops of rosemary tincture.

We'll be back, so if you missed the pop-up vermoutherie, do not despair. We even had a few folks from Manhattan try to convince us to head to Brooklyn....

Here's the social media stuff:

instagram: http://instagram.com/vermutsociety
web (coming soon): http://vermutsociety.com/