Summer Vermutekes by the Sea

The International Society for the Preservation and Enjoyment of Vermut is back with a vermuteke, dressed for summer:

Vermuteke ::: vol. IV on Make A Gif

We will be hosting summer vermutekes by the sea in San Sebastián, with three dates on the terrace of Bataplan: June 22 (that's this Sunday), July 20, and August 17. Mark them in your calendar, because there will be different vermouths, music, and games every month...the only thing that won't change is the amazing view.

Also excited to say that this vermuteke comes off of a recent mention of the Society in Elle Spain. They say "Far from being the title of a Jules Verne novel...this, which could be the chapter of a private British club, is an interesting and fun initiative devoted to the cult and adoration of vermouth. From this association, with its headquarters in San Sebastián, born from the genius of a girl from Zuamia, Maite Roso, and another from Alabama, Marti Kilpatrick, the tradition of vermouth is being recovered thanks to their vermutekes."

You know you want to go, don't you?  Like the Vermut Society on facebook for more updates.