pintxo astearteak (tapa tuesdays)

ni neu:::montadito de jamón (a mini Spanish ham baguette)

De Zurriola Hiribidea, 1::Donostia-San Sebastián

This recommendation is more about the total package than about a fancy, unique pintxo. Yes, the pintxos served at Ni Neu, the restaurant housed in the Kursaal on the river Urumea tend to be of a really high quality, owing to the fact that they come out of a restaurant kitchen that aims for a certain level of product and renown. And yes, this jamón ibérico certainly doesn't come from a bargain leg. But the real jewel of this pintxo/hamaiketako is being able to sit outside, watching the river and the people go by, while you enjoy good coffee, fresh-squeezed juice, and perhaps a financier or two.  A great place to breakfast or snack in the city, often overlooked.