Lunes Lekuak (My Monday Spot)

General Artetxe Kalea, or the story of what happens when city planners give up. 

This cul-de-sac slash (if Google maps is to be believed) perpendicular junction of two streets has only one name, a curious phenomenon in the otherwise predictable streets of Gros. What it does have more than one of is bars...there are four right on this little street.  The conglomeration of bars (including the best vermouth bar in the city) and the narrow, untraveled street make this nook a cozy place to spill into the streets on Sunday, which is just what we locals do when weather permits.

This is the third edition of the new addition to the blog, Monday Lekuak. This Basque-English phrase means that on Mondays I will be featuring my favorite spots in Basque Country to just be. Maybe it will be in a restaurant, maybe it will be in a mountain, but it's a spot that has a special meaning to me.

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