Lunes Lekuak (My Monday Spot)

Bouncing around on the edge of the world. A bay, an island, a whole city teeming below, and just you and your cama elástica in the clouds.  The theme park on the top of Monte Igeldo has a long history, with quirks that date back to the Franco era, and the decadent negligence it suffers is actually quite charming.

Never change, Igeldoko Atrakzio Parkea, never change.

This is the fourth edition of the new addition to the blog, Monday Lekuak. This Basque-English phrase means that on Mondays I will be featuring my favorite spots in Basque Country to just be. Maybe it will be in a restaurant, maybe it will be in a mountain, but it's a spot that has a special meaning to me.

If bar-hopping and vermouth drinking is more your thing, you may want to check out last week's Monday spot.