I am sitting here, typing, looking out over a view worthy of any textbook treatment on European coastal villages.  To my right is a glass of Verdejo, I just ate a goat cheese salad, and I'm buckling down for a couple hours of work. Whether you are having a rendevouz with someone unfamiliar with the city, or need some wifi to make a Skype call in the gloriously, chandelier-capped lobby, Hotel Niza/Narru form a spot near and dear to my heart.

 You won't catch many locals in this haunt, but I find it to be the perfect spot for bringing together the American tradition of "working" hours on your laptop with the Spanish tradition of eating well and nursing a glass of wine for hours.  

This is the second edition of the new addition to the blog, Monday Lekuak. This Basque-English phrase means that on Mondays I will be featuring my favorite spots in Basque Country to just be. Maybe it will be in a restaurant, maybe it will be in a mountain, but it's a spot that has a special meaning to me.

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