New Tables to Reserve : San Sebastián Gastronomika 2018


San Sebastián Gastronomika is about gathering the world’s top chefs in one place to talk about the evolution and revolution happening in their kitchens over the past year. Gastronomika is about tasting new creations, new wines, and cross-pollinating, culinarily speaking. Apparently, Gastronomika is also about having 10 men judge the best ensaladilla rusa, which hurts this female lover of the mayonnaise-y potato salad in the deepest depth of her stomach.

This week, the 20th edition of Gastronomika came and went. It felt very national this year, with a large part of the fanfare devoted to an homage to Juan Mari Arzak and the “culinary revolution” that Spain has gone through over the last few decades.

Coloquio_La Evolucion_de_la_Cocina_de_Vanguardia_003.jpg

Of course, there were also looks forward into the future: fermentation, respect across gender lines, Mexican cuisine, regional cuisine as a general guide, sustainability. It’s hard to go over everything covered in the conference without becoming all list-y, so I wanted to highlight something with more…practical applications.

An event from back in June, “Los Premios Talento Gastro 2018”, was highlighted at Gastronomika. It’s another food recognition in a town and country full of them, but I found it so interesting I wanted to share it here. Everyone knows the magic 4: Arzak, Akelarre, Mugaritz, Berasategui. But I know all of you are always looking for another great place to sit and dine, and not paying €300/head is a plus, too. This awards ceremony recognized the “next” generation of young chefs to watch. Here are their restaurants, for your address book. Some of them I know, some I haven’t had the pleasure of dining at, but I’ll try to cover them in upcoming posts for all of you!

  • Ametzagaña (cocktails)

  • Araneta

  • Arraunlari Berri

  • Asador San Martin

  • Bailara

  • Beheko Plaza

  • Casa Julian

  • Casa Nicolas

  • Galerna

  • Gran Sol (pintxos)

  • Iturrioz (pintxos)

  • JA (bakery)

  • Laia

  • Lavie (cocktails)

  • Malkorra (bakery)

  • Narru

  • Oiartzun (bakery)

  • Villa Magalean

  • Zazpi (pintxos)