Pintxo Astearteak (Tapa Tuesdays)


Today's pintxo comes from one of Gros's classics. The Bodega Donostiarra is what they call in Spanish a comodín.  It means 'wildcard' or 'jack of all trades', and Bodega Donostiarra, accordingly, is always there when you need it. They close Sundays, which means they are open on the more difficult days of the week, and their pintxo offering is classic and crowd-pleasing.  I nearly always order this octopus salad...braised octopus, finely chopped peppers and onions, vinegar and oil. I love the colors. One thing about Bodega Donostiarra, though, and what prevents it from really being one of my favorites in town—don't be afraid to ask for the salt shaker because they have a very light hand with the seasoning.

Bodega Donostiarra
Peña y Goñi Kalea, 13
20002 Donostia, Gipuzkoa
Closed Sundays
+34 943 01 13 80