Where to Sleep : Urban Cowboy, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

photos from the  Urban Cowboy instagram

photos from the Urban Cowboy instagram

Buried in the residential blocks of the perennially hip East Nashville is one of the South’s coolest hotels.  Urban Cowboy Bed & Breakfast is a boutique hotel, located in a beautiful Victorian mansion.

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Urban Cowboy is very obviously a passion project, the second of two boutique inns started by  Lyon Porter, an ex-hockey player turned real estate agent, and Jersey Banks. They started their first location out of their Brooklyn home, and on a weekend trip to Nashville fell in love with the current location’s building.

Their art as hosts pervades the entire space.  It just feels right.  With eight unique suites, it’s a small space, yet the common areas are bustling.  The Stable House in the back holds the Public House Bar & Kitchen, which is a gathering area for the entire neighborhood and ticks all of Nashville’s favorite boxes: craft cocktails, beautiful people, blazing open fire to gather around, and, well, it makes you feel like a bit of a cowboy.

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We stayed in The Tower.  In all my hotel travels across Europe, I am hard-pressed to think of a room that felt more magical.

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Located in the turret of the mansion, the room turns traditional notions of a hotel room’s purpose on its head.

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The beautiful clawed-foot copper tub is front and center, and the bed is a mattress on the floor in the turret itself, surrounded by windows, under a gaping copper ceiling. 

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The message is clear: forget your routines and let the magic surprise you.  You are in a place that feels like home.

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The common areas beg to be played in, from the old-fashioned honesty bar to the upright piano at the entrance.  Urban Cowboy manages to be so Nashville while avoiding any cliches or gratuitous hipness.  I won't be staying anywhere else on my next trip to Nashville...too many corners left to explore in this magical hotel.

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Urban Cowboy B&B
1603 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37206, USA
+1 347-840-0525