Dinner In Igeldo

Last week we had the occasion to dine in of my favorite spots of all of San Sebastián: Susana and Gorka's.

Ever since the first time our friend Josh allowed us to accompany him up to their house in Monte Igeldo, I have not stopped dreaming about this place. This post is dedicated to all people who know how to enjoy the delicious things in life (which is a way smaller number than you might imagine). How to enjoy it, but really enjoy it, savor every moment with the magic touch of someone who can stop time, just for a few seconds. 

I hope one day to be able to cook like Gorka.

This is ventresca de atún, or the belly of the white tuna that is prevalent here. All I can tell you is that was grilled and dressed with a sofrito of garlic. I can't tell you that you would ever have the same results with this simple, three-ingredient dish.

Fried peppers, cheese from here and Galicia, homemade chorizo from Galicia, tuna and ribs. And bread.

And the views aren't bad, either.